Who We Are

Our Company has been in the preservation business for more than 10 years involving work done throughout the entire state of New Jersey. Our business enforces the ability to provide to our clients and customers the best service with each task assigned. We believe that our first steps back were the struggles of our Current success. East Coast General Contractors is carefully selective with its staff. Training each individual to meet and exceed all spectators priority before being assigned a task. Our office staff handles all needs with urgency to assure satisfaction.



Our Vision

Our People: To be given all the tools and freedom necessary to do their job in a great work environment where each person believes they have an opportunity to grow and succeed while being inspired to be the best they can be.
Our Contractors: To eagerly be sought after as a business partner while being known as the best and most reasonable National.
Our Business: To selectively continue to expand the REO and Construction business while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and standards the industry has ever seen while exploring other opportunities to ensure the long-term success of the business.
Our Customers: To provide every client and their employees with passionate and caring customer service that excites them in wanting to work with us.


  • Superior Customer Service

    Some of the most successful businesses have one thing in common — great customer service. Unlike differentiators of quality, innovation or price, great customer service is a differentiator that can't be bought; it's a competitive advantage that can only be earned.

  • Highly Trained Staff

    We take pride in our work. That is why our staff is highly trained and skilled in order to meet your needs

  • Partnered with major Corporations

    Some of our partnerships include the biggest corporations in the business!